H2M is a global supplier, which provides a wide range of high quality, comfortable offshore accommodation and workspace modules for the oil & gas and renewable energy industry.

Companies large or small, known and unknown find their way to us. We try to answer all your questions regarding (temporary) offshore accommodations. We provide not only a product, we want to unburden our clients from A to Z concerning temporary accommodation offshore.

This all starts at our first contact, your wish is our command. Working together, we will give advise on how to get to the best solution for your individual wishes. Our customers therefore describe us as a “full service supplier”

van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors bv

Client: van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors bv
1x 33ft Galley module
Project: Coral Harbour
Industry: Onshore

Sea Terra Gmbh

Client: Sea Terra Gmbh
1x 33ft 4-men Sleeper module
Project: Duc RAM
Industry: Vessel

Vroon Offshore Services

Client: Vroon Offshore Services
2x 33ft 4-men Sleeper module
Project: VOS Prime
Industry: PSV

Prysmian Powerlink S.r.l.

Client: Prysmian Powerlink S.r.l.
5x 33ft 4-men Sleeper module
1x 33ft Locker module
1x 33ft Laundry/Storage module
1x 33ft Loungeroom module
1x 33ft Meetingroom module
1x 33ft Office module
Project: Borwin Beta
Industry: Wind

Wintershall Noordzee B.V.

Client: Wintershall Noordzee B.V.
5x 20ft 4-men Sleeper module
Project: A6-A Platform
Industry: Gas


Client: ABB AG
4x 33ft 4-men Sleeper module
1x 33ft Recreation + Locker module
Project: Dolwin Alpha
Industry: Wind

Tideway Offshore Solutions

Client: Tideway Offshore Solutions
1 x 20ft Electrical workshop container
Industry: Offshore


Client: ABB OWC
6x 33ft 4-men Sleeper module
1x 33ft Dirty mess + Locker module
1x 33ft Recreation + Sleeper module
Project: Dolwin Beta
Industry: Wind

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Our customers therefore describe ourselves as' full service supplier. 

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