H2M provides lightweight accommodation modules to the project DolWin alpha

The DolWin-alpha platform is installed on 17 August this year in the German North Sea. This enormous power platform is part of a wind farm in the German Bight. It was built by Heerema Fabrication Group in Zwijndrecht on behalf of the Swedish company ABB.

The platform is designed to connect large offshore wind farms, and then connect to the mainland. Submarine cables with The DolWin-alpha platform is 77 meters long, 45 meters wide and about 80 feet high (from the waterline to the top of the crane) and weighs over 9,000 tons measurement.

During the final commissioning phase at sea H2M placed eleven lightweight accommodation modules to all the staff and the necessary vendors so that they will enjoy a comfortable and pleasant stay. Currently the modules are still on the adjacent jack-up rig the GMS Endeavour and later on the modules will be placed on the DolWin alpha.

Besides the lightweight accommodation modules H2M can deliver a total package. With our fullservice we take the accommodation rental market to a next level! Upon request we deliver the modules with associated piping, holding tanks, generators, etc.


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