About us

H2M was established due to the fact that there needed to be a radical change in the approach to the design of offshore accommodation modules if the term 'lightweight' was to be meaningful.
The weight of offshore platform topsides has an impact on the overall CAPEX & OPEX. In many cases today's topsides have reached their weight limitations. Accurate calculation and management of the topsides' weight is becoming a critical factor.
The 'lightweight' concept “kicked off” in 2010 with designing a stand-alone offshore accommodation module constructed out of aluminium and carrying a Lloyds A60 fire rating certificate which is a considerable challenge on itself. The success of this concept paved the way to establish a specialized company entering a niche market with a brand new product.

The company has been set up to fabricate, market and sell and lease lightweight accommodation modules satisfying the needs of the oil and gas, renewable energy and maritime industry.

Full Service Provider

H2M is not only a rental company. H2M’s philosophy is to provide our clients with the service they require. We can deliver a full service solution, what includes engineering, transport, installation, hook-up, commissioning and service during the period of use.


Listening carefully to the needs in the market, which allows us to grow and build long-term relationships with our clients in terms of accommodations and services.


With our quality of service we want to deliver the best results to improve constantly and to anticipate the wishes and needs of our clients.


Latest News


We fabricate, market and sell and lease lightweight accommodation modules satisfying the needs of the oil & gas and renewable energy industry worldwide...Read more ››


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H2M lightweight modules are specially designed to provide lightweight, safe, temporary accommodation and are mainly used in the oil & gas, wind and marine industry...Read more ››

Lay-out options

We invite you to participate in the world of H2M. Watch and be amazed. If there is a need for specific customer build please feel free to contact us...Read more ››


The board of directors of H2M aims at optimum compliance with the requirements of its customers, employees and the environment...Read more ››


Our customers therefore describe ourselves as' full service supplier. 

Some examples of our latest projects.